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With its first book release, The Quick Health Clinic has ("quickly") become… 

THE resource for Lichen Sclerosis sufferers, conquerors and their loved ones!   

 Dr. Christiane Northrup M.D. ob/gyn physician and author says:
“How to Live Happily Ever After Down Under is, hands down, the very best thing I’ve ever read on the topic of lichen sclerosis, a disorder that affects so many. And for which modern gynecology offers little help or hope! If you or someone you love suffers from this, read this book!!! 

Do you believe in miracles?  
While Tammie has been blessed with a thriving Heilkunst Homeopathic practice, her dirty little secret for nearly 18 years was that she suffered with Lichen Sclerosis. In fact it was LS that first attracted Tammie to this amazing system of medicine. And even though her own healing eluded her for years, helping others to recover from LS and a host of other problems, kept her faith strong. But as you’ll discover, Tammie eventually reached her metaphorical moment on the cross – blinded by suffering and despair. And then her miracle began with a simple phone call from a monk!

This book touches on the spiritual unfolding which led Tammie down the path of learning how to heal her own Lichen Sclerosis and chronicles step by step, how others can recover from it too.

How To Live Happily Ever After “Down Under” is a down-to-earth (and fun!) guide for healing LS, as well as providing plenty of fertile soil for anyone with an interest in mind/body/spirit healing. 

And as a SPECIAL GIFT for LS sufferers, be sure to check out this free audio EFT/tapping script that can have you feeling significantly better in minutes!! *Make sure you have your copy of the book handy so that you can remind yourself of the tapping points (page 105).

Edmonton Dermatologist Dr. Jaggi Rao says:
I LOVE this book!!

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