About Tammie

About Tammie...
Doctor of Homeopathy & Heilkunst

I have been passionate about the healing arts for as long as I can remember. Years ago, on a visit to my aunt and uncle’s camp in the Yukon, I couldn’t even sneeze without my aunt pulling out her suitcase of supplements. I think my curiosity was awakened then, as I wondered how what my aunt was giving to me, was different from what my doctor gave to me. I was a sickly child, who visited the pediatrician often and had taken my share of antibiotics.
As the years went by I developed an equal passion for the performing arts and enjoyed a life in that arena. But after the birth of my first son, I was once again drawn to alternative medicine. The birth itself had taken its toll on me, but some years later my son would be diagnosed on the autistic spectrum. Now my passion was fuelled by a mother’s desire to help her child. My hobbies were reading medical books and alternative healing publications, of every kind. And most of my budget was exhausted at my favourite health food store!
Some years later I decided to take a part time job in a health food store and there I was introduced to heilkunst for the first time. A local practitioner was offering a weekend seminar, and moments into the first hour, I knew that I had found the answer to curing disease, as opposed to simply treating symptoms. I was convinced to begin my family on our own heilkunst healing journey and a few short months later, I began the rewarding study of homeopathy and heilkunst which has earned me the DHHP diploma and the designation of Doctor of Medical Heilkunst.
In my family we have witnessed the end of asthma, chronic depression, healed the thyroid gland, and watched my “autistic” son graduate from the public education system, in a regular program. (He now lives on his own and makes his living as a musician.) None of us sees a regular physician, as homeopathy offers wonderful remedies for treating nearly every acute situation that comes up, all without harm or side effects.
As a personal side note: my youngest son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as I was nearing year three of my study. At first I thought this a cruel irony, and then it became my personal cause... to cure diabetes. What I have found out is that there are many different approaches to treating this condition and, while we have not completely eliminated the use of insulin injections, my son uses a great deal less than the allopathic medical community recommends, and he is thriving... virtually free of the blood sugar “lows” generally associated with traditional type 1 diabetes treatment. I believe that if (as suggested by the newest research) type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder, where the immune system is attacking the beta cells of the pancreas, then it must find its origins in childhood vaccinations. Indeed my youngest son reacted very badly to his infant vaccinations, and nearly died.
** For further information about the alternative treatment of Type 1 Diabetes please click here to read an article written by Tammie, published in The Journal for the Exploration of Heilkunst, 2008 Edition.
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