EFT Tapping

E F T Tapping

The Quick Health Clinic is now utilizing EFT (or “Tapping”) as part of a “whole” approach to helping patients regain their health and wellness.
EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a fast and effective way to get relief from nearly anything, right now. In a nutshell, tapping on ancient meridian points while you are feeling emotions and/or physical symptoms, helps to unfreeze your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) so that you can feel okay again.

For example, if you experienced a dog bite as a child and you carry a fear of dogs ever since, using EFT in conjunction with the Heilkunst system of Medicine, can quickly and easily reduce that fear. The fear (or even phobia) is because your brain became locked in the “Fight or Flight” mode when the incident originally occurred. And since then, every time you have an experience that is even remotely close to that one (seeing a dog, for example) your brain makes you think that you’re that helpless little child again, having the same experience. That’s why you can’t just talk yourself out of it. Logic and reason simply don’t work on terrified little kids!

Why does it help with physical symptoms? Because physical symptoms are just another reaction to a shock or trauma. Symptoms are never the cause of themselves. There is always something underneath them. And according to the EFT experts, much of what we are reacting to now, originally occurred by the age of 7. But by quieting that “fight or flight” response, the symptoms quiet (or even disappear) too.

You may be wondering how a new fear can be linked to something that happened to you before the age of 7. Let’s say you had a brief relationship that was abusive so you ended it. And now, you’re afraid to get intimately involved again. It could be, that you are frozen in “fight or flight” from the first time you experienced the abuse of that relationship, but it’s also likely that the abuse reminded you of something similar that happened to you (or that you witnessed) before the age of 7. See how it works… it’s like a long chain of trauma that builds on itself.
So don’t be surprised if a quick tapping session is offered to you at your next follow up! (Note: 1 hour Tapping Consults are also available.)

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