What is Heilkunst?

Heilkunst is most accurately translated to mean “To make whole” or “Salvation of the soul”. And it is the missing writings of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the father of Homeopathy… sort of similar to the Dead Sea Scrolls being found many years after the Bible had been felt to be whole and complete. Classical homeopaths have been around for a couple of hundred years, in fact homeopathy is the third leading medical system world-wide… but this part (Heilkunst) has been ignored by the homeopaths until VERY recently. Three classical homeopaths were back in Europe studying at the most relevant and prestigious homeopathic institutions, frustrated with their success rates (10 to 12%). One day one of them saw some books in the library, which had never been mentioned. These were the writings about Heilkunst which had been omitted from Hahnemann’s original “Organon of the Medical Art”… a call for medical reform. Quickly the three realized that this was the missing link, so to speak. At last they had found the answer. But no one in the homeopathic community would support them in this pursuit! So the one man opened a school in Europe to teach it, and the other two came back to North America to do the same, realizing the importance of their (re)discovery.

How does it work?

Essentially we are all born with a certain amount of life essence. Some are blessed with (say) a beer keg full, others a mere shot glass. But most of us have enough to get us roughly to the age of 40. Throughout the world this seems to be the approximate age where people start to notice a shift in their health, though for some it’s earlier and others far later. They might have aches and pains, get more colds and flu’s, have less energy, develop diabetes or heart disease, etc. But this isn’t what nature intended for us. Every shock or trauma that we’ve experienced (both emotionally and physically) has accumulated over the course of those 40 years, such that they have begun to cause a noticeable depletion of the life essence, by this age. Heilkunst takes us on a journey back through time, and treats (using tonic homeopathic medicines) each of the shocks and traumas in the reverse order that they occurred, eradicating the negative imprint which they’ve left behind. This is the core of Heilkunst-healing through the sequential treatment of your timeline of shocks and traumas.
Examples of shocks and traumas are: A sudden death, surgeries, x-rays, ultrasounds, antibiotics and all other medications, accidents, head injuries, prolonged and/or excessive stress, a move, recreational drug use, smoking, excessive alcohol use, a divorce or other relationship end, childbirth, vaccinations, etc. For an example of the sequential timeline, please see bottom of this page.
In addition, each of us is born with a certain amount of genetic baggage. There are several underlying diseases (some of which modern medicine believes it got rid of a long time ago), which are passed from one generation to another, and the various shocks and traumas “turn on” the symptoms of these diseases. You’ll come to know them as Miasms, and they help us understand why babies or young children are born with chronic disease, seemingly out of nowhere.
For example a boy was diagnosed with cancer at a young age. One of these diseases (or miasms) is Carcinosin, which is the underlying disease that is responsible for cancer. Suppose that his mother didn’t plan on becoming pregnant when he was conceived (that’s one trauma), and maybe she had a bad flu during the pregnancy (that’s two). Maybe her partner was not supportive (another, and an ongoing at that), and someone close to her died during the pregnancy (4 shocks/traumas). Say she had 2 ultrasounds (2 more) and an amnio (7 now) and then had toxemia and so was induced. Do you get the picture? The Carcinosin was in his genetics from somewhere (making him somewhat more predisposed than someone with a much stronger genetic predisposition to say, Tuberculinum), likely he didn’t have a large amount of life essence and he was exposed to an inordinate amount of shocks and traumas before he even arrived! Then we would add in environmental stressors, food quality etc. It really does explain sick kids. And sick adults, as outlined above.

Who is this Samuel Hahnemann?

Samuel Hahnemann was a medical doctor in the 1700’s. This was the birth of our modern medicine and a time when many treatments and drugs were tested unwittingly on the sick. He had taken an oath to do no harm, yet administered things which often made people worse and killed them, in the name of science. Finally he couldn’t do it any longer and gave up his thriving medical practice to be a translator of medical texts. One day he wondered why a doctor said that Quinine quieted malaria because it was bitter, when he reasoned that many things were bitter, but didn’t help malaria. He decided to take some Quinine to see what would happen, and he developed the symptoms of a malarial fever. This is when Dr. Hahnemann realized that “like cures like” as they had been saying since the time of Hypocrites. The problem had always been how much “like” would cure and how much would kill? For instance the poison Arsenic will help the symptoms of food poisoning, as the symptoms are very, very similar. But how much would be too much? This problem is what compelled Dr. Hahnemann to begin his experiments with diluting crude substances. Eventually he learned that you could dilute them to the point of medical science insisting that there is nothing there, yet by succussing (shaking) them 100 times, the energy was released and made available…making them more powerful than in their crude form at any dose. (Similar to splitting the atom, actually).

Okay, but is it safe?

Dr. Hahnemann, through his experiments, sought to find “the perfect dose”. That is, one that would treat the patient, without doing any harm. As outlined above, by diluting crude substances to the point of no material substance being left, Hahnemann had solved the problem of harming patients. After all, how could “nothing” do any harm? But by successing the substances and releasing the energy within them, he had found the way to heal his patients. If you believe that we are mind, body and spirit, then it will be easy for you to understand this medicine. Your medical doctor treats your body, with little regard for your spirit. But this system of medicine treats your spirit, with no harm to your physical body.

What’s the difference between Heilkunst and Classical Homeopathy?

Years ago I had found a homeopath who prescribed homeopathic cocaine for my oldest son who was diagnosed on the autistic spectrum. “After all” he reasoned, “doesn’t he have all the symptoms of someone addicted to cocaine?” And it worked beautifully… for about 6 weeks. Then he had no explanation for why it stopped working, and nothing else to offer. “The child’s remedy hasn’t been found yet.” This is the difference between a classical homeopath and a Heilkunstler. The Heilkunstler will treat the symptoms (as in the example above), but also cures the underlying disease that caused them, enjoying a success rate of between 80 to 90%! There is simply no other healing modality (including modern medical science) that can boast such a success rate, and this one is reported modestly low.
** For further information about Heilkunst please click here to read an article written by Tammie, published in Mosaic Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine's August '09 Issue.

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