Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing

What is Reconnective Healing?

Reconnective Healing is what some might call a form of energy healing. But Dr. Eric Pearl, the original person who was empowered with this healing and one of only 4 people on the planet qualified to teach it, insists that Reconnective Healing is: an interaction with frequencies, light and information that have never been on this planet prior to 1993. Further, the teaching is very clear that Reconnective Healing is not like any other of the 142 energy healing modalities currently available.

What can I expect?

Expect nothing! This is the most important part of the Reconnective Healing process. It is imperative that both the practitioner and the patient have no expectations, and therefore no thoughts regarding what the outcome should be after the healing session. It is ideal if you lie on the table, close your eyes and just be open to noticing your experience of the Reconnective frequencies. 
(Hint: Don't lie there thinking... "I hope this fixes my sore hip; oh it would be great if this keeps me from blowing up at the kids all the time; please take the lump away; please take the lump away", etc.)
This is a hands-off healing, but many (myself included!) report feeling like someone gave them a chiropractic adjustment during their session. Others report such things as a poke; pressure; a scent; colors; sounds and even cool, delicious air being blown on them. No two experiences will be the same, and the teaching says that each person's experience with these frequencies will be exactly perfect for that individual. And always, the experience (whatever it is) is relaxing and blissful.

Does it work?

I have personally worked on a woman with chronic pain in her legs that had completely disappeared by the end of the 3rd session. (And by the way, that's the maximum number of Reconnective Healing sessions recommended... 3!) I have also witnessed a woman with acute pancreatitis (very painful!) come off of the table after her first session, free of the pain. And I have seen a man who was completely shut down emotionally, experience a cathartic release where he was able to access pure bliss and contentment.

Why is this offered at the Quick Health Clinic?

There are some interesting similarities between the use of homeopathic remedies and the Reconnective Healing.

1) It is a fact that homeopathic remedies become more powerful the more diluted they are. It is also a fact that the Reconnective Healing frequencies become more powerful the farther away they are.

2) Homeopathic remedies always work, but no practitioner can predict exactly how the healing will show itself in each individual. The Reconnective Healing clearly does something, but (like the homeopathic remedies) no practitioner can predict exactly how the healing will show itself for each individual.

3) Many patients of the Quick Health Clinic find relief of their chief complaint in the first month that they begin their Heilkunst healing journey, but there are a small percentage of patients who take a little longer. Once I learned that the Reconnective Healing can instantly remove pain and suffering, I felt it was important to offer as an adjunct. (*But please remember that I am unable to guarantee this, or to direct it.) To be clear, the Reconnective Healing is not a substitute for the Heilkunst healing journey, because the underlying reason for the symptoms must always be removed through the careful application of the appropriately chosen homeopathic remedies. But it is my personal belief that if the Reconnective frequencies can instantly remove pain and suffering (while the remedies deal with the disease state that was responsible for them in the first place), it makes the Quick Health Clinic a more effective treatment facility.

On a personal note...

Dr. Eric Pearl and I shared a similar experience with healing in that it just sort of happened to both of us. You might call us "reluctant healers". He was minding his chiropractic business when suddenly he experienced odd sensations in his hands and people reporting that life-long problems or life-threatening ones were gone.
I was minding my 14 year old business, when my mother came home telling me that a clairvoyant told her that I was a healer. Of course I didn't believe it but my mom insisted (as only mothers can!) that I try to take her pain away. (She was on a wait list for the removal of an ovary that was diseased with endometriosis.) To my great surprise my mother jumped up after a few minutes and said her pain was gone... and it stayed that way until she had the operation.

Through the years I played around with "healing" though I didn't know what to make of it or how to "practice" it. But an odd thing happened to me at the age of 19. I had broken the thumb on my right hand and the prognosis was dismal. I had to wear a cast for 6 weeks to stabilize it and then have surgery to have pins put in, then another cast for 6 weeks, the pins removed (more surgery!), another cast for 6 weeks and then I could begin physical therapy. The night before I was to have the first cast removed, I woke up around 3:00am because the cast was so hot. It was burning up and I could barely tolerate it. Neither could I touch it with my other hand. I worried about a bone infection but eventually went back to sleep. The next day when they X-rayed my hand to determine placement for the pins, it was completely healed! Years later when I heard about this Reconnective Healing, it resonated with me and provided an understanding and a technique.
For more information about the Reconnective Healing and to hear Dr. Pearl's story, I encourage you to read his book: The Reconnection - Heal Others, Heal Yourself.

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