What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy can be broken down into two words: homeo and pathy. These words find their origins in the Greek language. Homeo = “same” and pathy = “suffering”. So homeopathy means: same suffering. This system of medicine has been named because it utilizes the law of similars... that is: like cures like. Here is the famous story:
Samuel Hahnemann was a medical doctor in the 1700’s. This was the birth of our modern medicine and a time when many treatments and drugs were tested unwittingly on the sick. He had taken an oath to do no harm, yet administered things which often made people worse and killed them, in the name of science. Finally he couldn’t do it any longer and gave up his thriving medical practice to be a translator of medical texts. One day he wondered why a doctor said that Quinine quieted malaria because it was bitter, when Hahnemann reasoned that many things were bitter, but didn’t help malaria. He decided to take some Quinine to see what would happen, and he developed the symptoms of a malarial fever. This is when Dr. Hahnemann realized that “like cures like” as they had been saying since the time of Hypocrites. The problem had always been how much “like” would cure and how much would kill? For instance the poison Arsenic will help the symptoms of food poisoning, as the symptoms are very, very similar. But how much would be too much? This problem is what compelled Dr. Hahnemann to begin his experiments with diluting crude substances. Eventually he learned that you could dilute them to the point of medical science insisting that there is nothing there, yet by succussing (shaking) them 100 times, the energy was released and made available…making them more powerful than in their crude form at any dose. (Similar to splitting the atom, actually).

Is this safe? Are there any side effects? Will there be any interactions with the drugs my doctor has me on?

Dr. Hahnemann, through his experiments, sought to find “the perfect dose”. That is, one that would treat the patient, without doing any harm. As outlined above, by diluting crude substances to the point of no material substance being left, Hahnemann had solved the problem of harming patients. After all, how could “nothing” do any harm? But by successing the substances and releasing the energy within them, he had found the way to heal his patients. If you believe that we are mind, body and spirit, then it will be easy for you to understand this medicine. Your medical doctor treats your body, with little regard for your spirit. But this system of medicine treats your spirit, with no harm to your physical body.
To sum up, homeopathy and heilkunst is completely safe, has no side effects, and can be taken with any of your prescribed medications, with no interaction concerns. (*Note: Homeopathy is often used to treat acute conditions such as nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, but we would suspend the Heilkunst aspect of treatment during this time.)

A friend of mine mentioned that she was having a healing reaction to her homeopathic medicine. What is a Healing Reaction?

Here it is important to keep in mind that you have two aspects to your Life Force. One is the generative aspect, and one is the sustentive aspect. What you need to know about the generative aspect is that when a disease came “knocking at your door” if your body let it in, then the generative aspect began working with it and helped it to grow (much like a pregnancy). In this way a disease has been “engendered” in you. The sustentive aspect is crude nature at its best. Every time you cough, vomit, swell or have diarrhea , this is the sustentive power working hard to get rid of something that isn’t good for you. And it tries to get rid of any disease(s) you may have. In fact, symptoms are from the sustentive aspect of the life force. Without them, we may not even realize that we have a disease.
For our purposes you need to think of your disease as a “natural disease” and think of the homeopathic medicine as an “artificial disease” that looks and acts just like your natural disease. What happens in the healing reaction, is that the artificial disease over-powers the natural disease. When this happens, the natural disease is destroyed by the artificial one. But war always leaves a big mess behind, and this is when the sustentive aspect of your life force enforces damage control and clean-up, in order to restore beauty and harmony to the countryside (in other words: to put your body back to its original state of health). Many people aren’t even aware of this war as it is being waged within them. But with some patients, because of their particular sensitivities or because of the nature of the disease(s) being treated, the sustentive aspect will need to use an inordinate amount of strength, and this will be felt by the patient as symptoms and/or fatigue.

I’ve heard that you can vaccinate homeopathically... is this true? Does it offer the same protection as a vaccination that I get from my doctor or the public health clinic?

Yes, it is true. Actually vaccination finds its origins in homeopathy (please see question above: What is Homeopathy?), as it is the introduction of a disease in a minuscule amount, hoping that the body will learn how to deal with it, should that disease ever really come along. If you do research, you will find that homeopathic vaccination (or prophylaxis) is statistically much more successful than traditional vaccination. In fact it was the only successful healing modality against the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918. Additionally, homeopathic prophylaxis can do no harm! The same cannot be said about traditional vaccinations, as reports of side effects and even deaths are happening all the time. Even more frightening is the implication of childhood vaccinations and the alarming rates of autism that are being diagnosed all over north America. But the biggest thing for many folks is that with homeopathic prophylaxis, there are no needles!!

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