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The Quick Health Clinic combines the latest in alternative health care, with the timeless wisdom of proven homeopathic practices, and the intuitive healing nature of Ms. Quick. Heilkunst, a German word for “salvation of the soul”, is the cornerstone of the clinic. This system of medicine is the new proven map that allows the independently thinking individual the opportunity to travel back through time, essentially undoing the damage that has stolen his or her abundant health. Those who are drawn to heilkunst know that a life of freedom and whole health is the birthright of every human being.


The Clinic’s success is guaranteed with this formula: the correctly chosen homeopathic remedies (sequentially organized in perfect order), combined with the skilful application of perfectly designed lifestyle choices (based on an individual’s glandular, metabolic and blood type), and the empowering context of living the examined life. This is the formula for a long and abundant life of joy...The only life worth living.


The Quick Health Clinic has expanded into the skin care business! Eminence is 100% organic, toxin free and provides nourishment for your largest organ, while doing no harm ... making it the perfect companion to Heilkunst treatment.


For information on vaccinations please go to Links & Resources page and/or click here for an excellent interview with an American Pediatrician who has studied the subject thoroughly.

Tammie gives an introduction to Heilkunst Homeopathy on March 5, 2015 at the Mosaic Mystic Meeting, please click play.